Mission and Value

The mission of the Penney Girls Foundation is to help “mend” the broken hearts and minds of chronically ill children and their families. The Penney Girls Foundation is dedicated to positively impact chronically ill children, their families and the community through:

  • Support and advocacy for families of chronically ill children;
  • Raising awareness of organ donation; and
  • Raising awareness of and supporting research for pediatric cardiac care.

Simply put, the Penney Girls Foundation wants to help make life a little easier for chronically ill children and their families.
10th Annual Penney Girls Foundation Tee-It-Up
As the 2017 Penney
Girls Foundation Tee-It Up
golf tournament
approaches, we hope you
share not only in our
enthusiasm of the day but
in the many days ahead
that we commit to
positively impact the lives
of chronically sick children and their families.