Mending Hearts and Minds

“My family and I are so grateful to have supporters like Penney Girls Foundation. My son is one year old and recently got his heart transplant and will soon be discharged to Gift of Life Family House where I know we’ll be safe and taken care of.” 

– Mother of a heart transplant recipient at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

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This foundation is dedicated to positively impacting the lives of chronically ill children, their families and their communities. Each family’s experience with Penney Girls Foundation is unique, but they are all supported through our goals to:

Support and advocate for families of chronically ill children

Raise awareness about organ donation
Raise awareness and support research for pediatric cardiac care

Our Impact

At Penney Girls Foundation, numbers matter. They can mean the difference between a child getting to go home or having to stay in the hospital another night. The right number can allow parents to stay near their sick child or travel home to be with their other children and responsibilities. That’s why we’re proud of our numbers, especially this one: 1 million. Penney Girls Foundation has already passed $1 million given as of 2022. Another number we’re proud of is 100. Yes, 100% percent of proceeds from Penney Girls Foundation go toward our goals, meaning every penny helps chronically ill children.
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Get Ready to
Tee-It Up!

We are counting down the days until our 16th Annual Golf Tournament and hope you will join us! As Penney Girls Foundation’s favorite event each year, we look forward to the opportunities it provides to help us improve the lives of chronically sick children and their families.

Get Involved

For one family, caring for their chronically ill child looks like taking a 4-hour round trip each day to visit the hospital while both parents are working full time jobs and caring for two other children at home. Through Penney Girls Foundation, this family does not have to worry about the financial strain of gas and parking to see their hospitalized child. Penney Girls Foundation is only able to help families like this through the kindness of our sponsors and donors.

To learn more about how you or your organization can get involved in helping chronically sick children and their families, head over to our Donation page.